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Network movie of the week: “Chatroulette Russian Roulette

To make a short film for 50 British pounds, you have to be super tough as a filmmaker. Or simply have left some time between projects and be inspired by the singing and twittering astronaut Chris Hadfield. Just did for his short film Russian Roulette of young English director Ben Aston.

Roulette is also equal to the keyword, because it is about Chatroulette, the site that a few years ago with its principle of rotating interlocutor sparked a short hype, but was then plagued primarily of naked, masturbating men.

Chatroulette Russian Roulette DISPLAY

The young protagonist Lucy knows the freaks on the platform and uses them anyway, eventually could be behind the next Webcam yes hide the dream guy. And indeed suddenly Yergey appears on the screen, the infected as a sole engineer a space telescope in space with a Russian roulette accent and similarly lonely as Lucy. A perfect match – or not?

The low-budget turning, the Aston in a behind-the-scenes wonderfully disarmingly describes makes the charm of Russian Roulette. The story is simple, yet clever: The small, net cultural references sit, feel the experience the two main characters, well known to everyone who has ever tried online dating. And finally, there is a magnificent Pointe.

Chatroulette Russian Roulette : This was also the jury of Sundance London, which in the short film category awarded, confirming the film this year: Good short films do not need a big budget. A smart idea, sympathetic performer and some cardboard from the hardware store as props do it.

Omegle Russian Roulette : Russia’s most popular and used as an alternative to Mr. and Mrs. dating site girls dating site serves as an alternative to chatroulette, which serves as the site for membership and free entertainment website omegle. People who live in foreign countries, often input here.


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